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Tri Structural Balance Styling Spray With Color Protector (9.1)

Tri Structural Balance Styling Spray With Color Protector (9.1)

Structural Balance Spray Wax is formulated for all hair types and anyone desiring texture, lift and definition. The convenient aerosol application insures an even application of the product with no mess or excess weight which makes it ideal for very fine hair.

Use it to manipulate, separate or exaggerate your most extreme creation or simply add volume, texture and a satin shine. Spray Wax is also used for enhancing and defining hair with moderate to extreme curl. A fun product to work with, Spray Wax also provides serious protection for color treated hair with Helianthus which is a Sunflower Extract.

Helianthus is included in all Structural Balance styling aids because it is not only a very effective UV filter, but is also a powerful antioxidant that effectively slows the oxidation of haircolor and prevents fading.


9.1 fl. oz