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Tri Structural Balance Design Fiber With Color Protectors (4)

Tri Structural Balance Design Fiber With Color Protectors (4)

This versatile high performance fibrous styling and finishing cream adds body, definition and volume to any hair design. Its lightweight formulation blends instantly into the hair leaving it clean to the touch. For use on all hair types to sculpt, mold shape, and texturize.

Structural Balance Design Fiber is ideal for use on naturally curly, wavy or permed hair to smooth and define curls and waves eliminating frizz. It's a product you can have fun with in creating whimsical looks by twisting the hair with your fingers to create spikes or dreadlocks.

To hold direction or add emphasis to a line cut into the hair, use a little more product. Create piecey separation by applying to random sections. Design Fiber uses Helianthus, a Sunflower Extract that is not only a very effective UV filter but is also a powerful antioxidant that effectively slows the oxidation of hair color and prevents fading.


4 fl. oz