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Nexxus Biotin Shampoo (33.8)

Nexxus Biotin Shampoo (33.8)
Manufacturer: Nexxus
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A nutrient rich formulation for fine, fragile, thinning hair, VitaTress Biotin Shampoo combines scientifically advanced ingredients for treating hair loss with renowned revitalizing Botanicals, Amino Acids and Nutrients to give hair renewed life, increased thickness and incredible body. This breakthrough formulation utilizes amazing Jojoba, the remarkable botanical oil, to meticulously cleanse the scalp of excess sebum, while infusing Biotin, Cysteine, Inositol, Choline and Methionine into scalp and pores. These Amino Acids in addition to DHT inhibitors and circulation boosters provide the beneficial elements that are ideal for optimal hair growth.