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Lanza Solutions Urban Elements Remedy Shampoo (10.1)

Lanza Solutions Urban Elements Remedy Shampoo (10.1)
Manufacturer: Lanza
Product Benefits
KB2 HEALING: Renews hair for optimal health and shine.
SOOTHING: Calms the scalp with a nurturing antiseptic action.
IMPROVES SCALP CONDITION: Wellness is restored through soothing antibacterial action.
NOURISHING: Essential nutrition to transform average hair into healthy hair.
INCREASES STRENGTH AND ELASTICITY: KB2??and antioxidants improve hair?셲 condition.
DAILY USE: Contains daily dose of essential vitamins and nutrients.
ADDS SHINE: Healing action creates soft, radiant hair.
RETAINS COLOR: Healing action helps color stay truer longer.

Wet hair. Work into a rich lather. Rinse.
Follow with Mint Revitalizer.

Key Ingredients
KERATIN BOND SYSTEM 2 (KB2): Exclusive healing ingredient containing Keratin Amino Acids, Meadowfoam Flower Seed Complex & Moisture Retain Complex that renews hair from within to create health, softness and shine.
TRI-VITA COMPLEX: Optimal blend of potent antioxidant Vitamins A, C & E working together to conquer free radicals and the damage they create to hair. This nourishing multi-vitamin complex transforms average hair into healthy hair that is smooth, shiny and easy to manage.
TEA TREE LEAF OIL: Credited for its antiseptic and medicinal properties, Tea Tree works to nurture and comfort the scalp and allow hair to maintain its elasticity.
SALICYLIC ACID: An effective exfoliant from the Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) family that sloughs away dry, dull skin that can cause the scalp to itch. BHA?셲 have the ability to penetrate into the pore, thus allowing hair follicles an uninhibited growth path.
ALLANTOIN: Water-soluble crystal known for its ability to help heal skin and scalp and to stimulate growth of healthy tissues for strong, healthy hair.
COMFREY ROOT EXTRACT: Instant hair nourishment. The salve made from the oil infusion of dried Comfrey roots and leaves is a very rich remedy containing vital trace minerals and elements.
ROSEMARY LEAF EXTRACT: A natural antiseptic with an invigorating effect on both body and mind, effectively used to cleanse and condition hair.
NETTLE EXTRACT: Rich in minerals and plant hormones. Used in folk medicine to stimulate hair growth.
10.1 fl. oz