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Lanza Healing Moisture Noni Fruit Detangler (33.8)

Lanza Healing Moisture Noni Fruit Detangler (33.8)
Manufacturer: Lanza

Product Benefits

HAWAIIAN NONI FRUIT AND POLYNESIAN BOTANICALS: Improves combability and provides optimal hydration without heaviness.

KERATIN HEALING SYSTEM: Seals-in moisture, allowing hair to stay hydrated up to 2-times longer

COLOR-PRESERVERS: Haircolor Lasts Longer

UVA / UVB / UVC PROTECTION: Prevents Sun & UV Damage

Hair is incredibly smooth & manageable with renewed luster


To instantly heal, hydrate & detangle, spray daily into damp or dry hair. Comb through & leave-in. Blow-dry & style as desired.


Key Ingredients


Deep Moisture Without Weight: Applying advanced technology, L?섲NZA?셲 legendary Keratin Healing System??utilizes Nano Science (102) to deliver micronized moisturizing elements deep into hair?셲 cortex, hydrating quickly and completely. These small moisturizing particles penetrate deep rather than accumulate on the surface to weigh hair down. The result is outstanding softness and silkiness with exceptional body, even for the finest hairstrands.

Seals-In Softness & Shine: After hydration, the hair is healed to quickly seal-in vital moisture and prevent evaporation. This allows hair to remain touchably soft, smooth and silky, longer. L?섲NZA?셲 proprietary healing process also traps color pigments within the cortex, resulting in longer-lasting haircolor.

COLOR-PRESERVERS: Locks-in haircolor & prevents fading. Color looks rich & vibrant, longer.

HAWAIIAN NONI FRUIT: Known as the ?쐁ure-all??by native Hawaiians, Noni Fruit is nutrient-rich with high levels of antioxidants, Alkaloid Proxeronine & Enzymes, providing lightweight hydration. Its natural acidity constricts the cuticle to quickly detangle hair strands & provide a lustrous sheen. Keratin Healing System??makes hair healthier, pliable and more cooperative. The result is better control and a longer-lasting hold.

33.8 fl. oz