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KMS California Moist Repair Overnight Mask (0.67x4)

KMS California Moist Repair Overnight Mask (0.67x4)
Deeply hydrate and nurture your dry or damaged hair with KMS California Moistrepair Overnight Mask. This time released leave on mask effectively gives intense moisture and repair to your hair.

It?셲 perfect for busy lifestyle, as you can apply it on your clean, dry hair before going to bed and wake up with repaired hair. It?셲 not greasy, so it doesn?셳 leave residue on your hair or pillow.

The mask contains a combination of aloe and vanilla that helps to replenish moisture balance and conditions your damaged hair. It has IOPS, inside out perfecting system, which penetrates deep into your hair, making it more vibrant and healthier.

?줐pply KMS California Moistrepair Overnight Mask on your dried hair before bed
?줦se full tube on your long hair and less on shorter hair
?줚n the case of product build up, shampoo before using the mask
?줥here is no need to shampoo your hair the next day
?줛ust style as you want and go!

0.67 OZ x4