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Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream Day(1.69)

Fade Out Extra Care Fade Cream Day(1.69)
Manufacturer: Fade Out
If your skin has, due to sun exposure, aging, medications, or natural pigmentation, any brown marks, then Fade-Out Extra Care Active Fade Cream may be the answer. This specially formulated cream features a variety of ingredients that are designed to gently and effectively fade freckles, age spots, sunspots, marks due to contraceptive pills, liver spots and more. Fade-Out is not a make-up or cover cream. It is an effective treatment cream created to work with nature to fade skin spots. Making Fade Out Extra Care Cream part of your daily skincare program will prevent marks from re-appearing and retard the appearance of new spots. Fade-Out Cream penetrates the skin tissue and dissolves the pigment (melanin), a cause for the brown marks and freckles. When used regularly Fade-Out will allow gradual lightening of these imperfections. Fade Out Extra Care has been additionally enriched with Vitamin E, Panthenol B5 and UVA/UVB sunscreens.