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California Baby Mechanical Hair Conditioner (8.5oz)

California Baby Mechanical Hair Conditioner (8.5oz)
Manufacturer: California Baby

California Baby's Calendula Hair Conditioner is infused with the essence of the wonderful flower that we call Nature's First-Aid Calendula (kal' len' dula). Commonly known as the Pot Marigold, this flower has been used to soothe and heal skin for centuries. Recommended for those with sensitive, irritated or extremely dry scalp. Helps to heal cradle cap, soothe dermatitis and eczema due to its slightly astringent action. California Baby's no tears formula is an all-natural botanical blend of herbs, rich emollients, and natural sunscreens that combine to leave delicate hair shiny and smooth. Our signature aromatherapy Calming blend of essential oils combines perfectly with the herbal bouquet of Calendula. Works to protect from damage caused by chlorine, salt water, and the sun's harmful rays.

Apply to already shampooed, wet hair, Leave in for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.