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California Baby Hair Conditioner Swimmers Defense (8.5oz)

California Baby Hair Conditioner Swimmers Defense (8.5oz)
Manufacturer: California Baby
Chlorine and salt water suck out the sebum (a natural lubricant and protectant) of the hair and cause it to crack, resulting in split ends. Styling aids can also dry and damage hair. California Baby's proprietary formula contains a botanical blend of herbs, rich emollients, and natural sunscreens that combine to rebalance, repair and rehydrate leaving hair soft and shiny. California Baby's pure essential oil blend leaves hair beautifully scented. May be used daily and year-round. Leave in or rinse out.

Tip: Wet hair is up to 20% weaker than dry hair; especially after it has been soaked for some time and absorbed the maximum amount of water possible. This means that wet hair must be handled much more carefully. Be careful when tying hair and try not to take it in and out of a knot. Wash hair gently and slather on conditioner, don't rinse out. The extra TLC will help restore softness and shine. For added protection and conditioning, apply under a bathing cap before swimming or sunbathing.

For Grownups: Excellent restorative for chemically treated or dry and overprocessed hair.

Benefits & Features: Contains organic and sustainably grown ingredients,Non-irritating, non-chemical formula, No tears, no numbing agents
Safe and gentle, Rinse out or leave in for extra curly or tangled hair, Leaves hair smelling great andConditions with plant waxes and herbs

Leave in or rinse.