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Bioken Intensive Conditioner 16.9OZ

Bioken Intensive Conditioner 16.9OZ
Manufacturer: Bioken

The BIOKEN Intensive Nourishing Conditioner soothes your damaged roots by rebuilding them into their most balanced state and maintaining your hair at its perfectly peak condition. Infuse the gentleness found in nature into your hair with BIOKEN's naturally antibiotic and herbal conditioner.
With a natural blend of purified Propolis extracts combined with herbal extractions and full vitamins,The BIOKEN Intensive Nourishing Conditioner can rujuvenate and restore your weak and polluted hair. Propolis' antibacterial, anti-allergic, and pH-balanced formulation can strengthen your hair's roots and slow down hair loss process. Fortified with a full supplement of vitamins and herbal extractions, along with its gentle, balanced, and ideal therapeutic technology.